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Ali G

From the mountains to the desert, everything here is inspired by wild places for people who live for adventure. These skylines and vistas are beloved and unforgettable.  They are symbolic of memories made and deep bonds formed between friends, they represent mesmerizing landscapes and our passion to explore them.

One night, in Talkeetna, Alaska, I was standing beside the river watching the sun dip below the horizon with a group of friends. As I stood on the bank of the river with my toes in the sand, gazing out toward the Alaska Range, I felt grounded and humbled by the mountains and my friends. It was in this moment, that I knew I wanted to create something to share with those friends as a symbol of the unspoken feeling of connection, awe, and wonder. These skylines represent so many things - a deep respect for the mountains, gratitude for friendships, the curiosity to explore, and a community of adventurers.

All of the designs here are created by me, Ali G. Get it? Ali-G-n Designs... plus it's a play on words - a line designs (most of my designs start with a single line, tracing the skyline). I created these designs to share a mutual love and appreciation for special places around the world. I'm always working on new designs, so check back frequently for new additions to the website. 

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